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Hailing from the cornfields of Indiana and now residing in Greensboro, North Carolina, front man and singer/songwriter Tom Troyer's eclectic style traverses folk, rock and blues. Farewell Friend's music resonates with authenticity, vulnerability, and an unwavering commitment to the power of poetic storytelling. Their sound is a delicate avalanche of sonic texture - a presentation of recognizable and distorted folk and Americana forms. Tom's exceptional talent shines through in all three albums, which he produced, wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered. The live band lineup may vary, but Evan Campfield on upright bass has been a consistent presence since 2016, while Zac Covington, Caleb Baer, Alan Barnosky often contribute their skills for live performances and as session musicians on recordings.

Troyer's musical prowess extends beyond his role as a frontman and songwriter. He cut his teeth musically by performing with The Collection, contributing with multiple instruments and vocals in the recording of their album "Ars Moriendi." In 2018, Troyer began honing his music engineering skills and started Black Rabbit Audio, a music production studio in Greensboro, NC, and has produced over 18 albums (and counting). This experience has honed his technical skills and deepened his understanding of the intricacies of sound, allowing him to bring out the best in both his own music and that of other artists. Additionally, Troyer has dedicated his talents to We Carry Kevan, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about disabilities and promotes creative solution to redefine accessiblity. Through their travels, Tom Troyer has personally carried Kevan Chandler, the organization's advocate, to iconic destinations such as Paris, Skellig Michael, and the Great Wall of China, showcasing their commitment to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity.

With his multifaceted background, Tom Troyer has developed a unique perspective on music and storytelling. His introspective lyrics and soul-stirring melodies create a powerful connection with audiences, delving into themes of identity, resilience, and the human condition. Farewell Friend's discography showcases Troyer's musical journey, from his debut album "Lineage" – a conceptual exploration of generational stories – to the autobiographical introspection of "[Samson]" and the conflicts of gentrification in the EP "Glenwood and Gomorrah."


With their enchanting soundscapes and thought-provoking narratives, Farewell Friend invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries.  Tom Troyer's dedication to his craft, both as a musician and as a producer, shines through in every note, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and fellow artists alike.

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Farewell Friend has completed three ambitious tours of the East Coast, playing rooms at The Purple Fiddle, Rockwood Music Hall, Pete's Candy Store, Haw River BallroomBoggs Social, The Howlin' Wolf, Preservation PubThe Ramkat, and showcased for two consecutive years at Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City.

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Yoda Speak

This week, hosts Courtney Lynn & Quinn welcome the front man of the band Farewell Friend, Tom Troyer. He shares about playing flute and trumpet as a kid, how is early writing was influenced by the King James Bible, his wide range of skills as a songwriter, producer and instrumentalist. He also break down the inspiration & creation behind his band's song, "Birds in Flight."


"Farewell Friend is not a group to overlook, their work is absolutely stunning and evokes elements of love, despair, religion, comfort and creativity. Father & Son brings to life some of the best parts of North Carolina, this group is a product of true grassroots talent."

-Reviewed by Greensboro writer Rebecca Harrelson

Americana Highways

Album Premiere W/Interview: Farewell Friend “Samson”

This album is some unquestionably quality songwriting, sometimes with an easy country groove, and sometimes with darker folk and even punk style inflections.  “Chasing the Glow” is a little bit eclectic folk and a little bit groovy and “Birds in Flight” is a country folk number.  “Dying at the Hands of Love” is shines a light on the cruel banalities of being just a number in society. Taken all together, the album is at the heart of contemporary Americana music. [READ MORE]


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